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Law360: Boutiques, Smaller Firms Set Pace For Social Media Law
December 4, 2015

Law360recently interviewed me about my decision to dedicate a law practice exclusively to provide solutions to social media legal issues. Here’s a small preview from their story:

Although demand for social media related legal counsel is growing exponentially and has piqued some BigLaw interest, the practice area remains largely dominated by midsize law firms and boutiques, including one newcomer that claims to be the world’s first dedicated solely to social media legal issues.

On Tuesday, that growing need prompted attorney Ethan Wall to open the doors to The Social Media Law Firm in Miami, which claims to be the world’s first firm solely dedicated to social media legal services. Wall, who had a social media, Internet and intellectual property practice at Richman Greer PA earlier in his career, is a one-attorney shop for now, though he already has plans to build up.

“I’ve become so busy so quickly I’m in the process of bringing on two new interns interested in social media legal issues,” said Wall, noting that his client base currently ranges from the largest credit union in California to a one-person startup in New York City.

There’s a lot more great information contained in the Law360 piece. I encourage you to view the entire story on their website. If you’re unable to access the complete story, you can request a 7 day free trial (no commitment or payment required). Check it out!