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Social Media Policy Best Practice: Tailor the Policy to the Your Business
January 19, 2016

Some employers will copy and paste someone else’s social media policy to save time and money. That’s a big mistake.


Why? Because there’s no “one size fits all” social media policy has been created. You should tailor your policy to the specific needs of your company. In addition to addressing activity under the National Labor Relations Act, the policy should also address the laws and regulations that regulate the your business’s industry.


For example, a hospital or medical services company that maintains patient information governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) should incorporate those elements into its social media policy: “Employees are prohibited from using or disclosing confidential patient information, including personal health information as defined in HIPAA, outside of employment.”
Tailoring the policy to your business will help you effectively manage social media in the first place.


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