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Social Media Policy Best Practice: Advise Employees of Your Right to Monitor Them
January 26, 2016

Of course we want to monitor our employees social media use. But we cannot monitor them in a way that may violate the law or your employees’ rights.


If your jurisdiction allows you to monitor employees’ online activities, then your social media policy should advise its employees accordingly. The policy should state that all use of your business’s computer systems, networks, and related equipment are not private, and that by using the your computer systems, networks, and related equipment, the employees consent to having the employer access, review, monitor, and record all such use. Prior to monitoring their employees, it is critical for you to review the specific privacy laws applicable in their jurisdiction.


By putting your employees on notice of your right to monitor them, you will have a much easier time attempting to enforce the policy if your monitoring turns up and harmful social media conduct.


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