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Social Media Policy Best Practice: Define Key Concepts and Terms in Plain English
December 22, 2015

Your social media policy may not be enforceable if it is not understood. Here are tips to ensure your employees understand what speech is prohibited under the policy.


Define Key Concepts

A trusted method to avoid ambiguity in interpreting work rules within a social media policy is to provide definitions of key terms — either within the text itself, or as part of a glossary of terms at the end of the document.


To ensure the desired interpretation of a given rule within the policy, employers should consider defining important terms such as “confidential data,” “trade secrets,” and “customer information.”


Use Plain English

Because employees must understand the specific types of activity that is prohibited on social media, employers should avoid confusing legal jargon and sophisticated technical terms.


Be careful to avoid acronyms or abbreviations that may not be understood by all employees, or by anyone else viewing the policy. If acronyms or abbreviations are unavoidable, then add those terms to the glossary.


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