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Ethan Wall is the authority on social media and the law

He founded the social media law firm to provide solutions to social media legal issues.

He pursues his passion for social media and the law as an author, law professor, marketing and litigation consultant for lawyers, and keynote speaker.

In many respects, Ethan’s legal and educational careers have paralleled the explosive growth and development of Facebook, Twitter and other social media. For eight years, he worked as social media law attorney, author, professor, consultant, and keynote speaker. Recognizing the need for rules of the road as social media expanded and became more entrenched in the world, Ethan serves as an advisor to leaders in both the legal and business communities as they seek to implement practical and ethical guidelines in their workplaces. According to Chambers USA, an international guide that ranks law firms and attorneys, Ethan “has developed legal skills and knowledge that exceed his years of practice.”

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