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Social Media Law for Human Resources

Social Media Risk Assessments

Every company that maintains a social media presence must have a risk management and compliance program encompassing marketing, technology, legal, and human resources. Without conducting a social media risk assessment, companies can experience serious compliance and legal risks.

Employee Social Media Use Policies and Compliance Procedures

Human resource professionals must maintain an employee social media policy to protect against serious legal risks. But if the social media policy fails to comply with the strict provisions of the National Labor Relations Act, the company can be exposed to serious legal and regulatory risks.

Social Media Employment Discrimination Policies

Employees become exposed to protected information when they screen applicants on social media. Without a Social Media Employment Discrimination Policy, companies risk of violating federal anti-discrimination laws, state laws governing the use of social media in the hiring for recruitment, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Social Media Employee Training

Without a social media employee training program, a company is exposed to social media lawsuits and regulatory risks. But a social media employee training program can only protect a company from legal exposure if it effectively teaches employees the types of social media conduct that is prohibited and the consequences for violating your social media policy.

Social Media Bill of Rights

Your company’s social media policy may set forth the rules and responsibilities governing your employees personal and professional social media use, but it will hold little weight in court when it needs to be enforced unless it is implemented in a compliant manner. Ethan’s Social Media Bill of Rights compliance solution provides companies with the clear ability to enforce violations of their social media policies.