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Social Media Law for Start Ups


Trademarks provide start ups with a competitive and legal advantage. A trademark can protect start ups from competitors by allowing them to stop anyone who attempts to use or register a similar name or logo. But if a start up fails to register a trademark or conduct a trademark search, they could face a lawsuit for trademark infringement.

Website Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policies

Without website and mobile app terms and conditions, your start-up can be liable for information, representations, and comments made on a start up’s online and mobile platforms.  Legal terms and conditions and privacy policies are are necessary to protect a start up from lawsuits arising out of their website and applications.

Intellectual Property and Online Asset Protection

Without a intellectual property protection plan, a start up’s assets, profits, and social media can be placed at risk by a single mistake or lawsuit. Start ups need to take proactive steps to protect their valuable content from former employees, website developers, and internet marketing companies.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Large companies have highly skilled attorneys on their side looking out for their best interests. Without experienced legal representation, start ups may be unable to even the playing field when negotiating important contracts.